Courier Logic makes you an expert shipping estimator.

Ready to make drop shipping easier? Faster? More cost-effective? Courier Logic batch shipping calculator creates accurate estimates, calculates costs, preps your database, and verifies deliverability for your batch shipments.

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Accurate Drop Shipping Estimates for UPS® and FedEx®

Gone are the days of forgetting about additional charges, incorrect estimates, and guessing whether your records are residential or not. With Courier Logic, all you have to do is send it a CSV file of addresses, select which UPS® / FedEx® services you'd like to compare, and let it work its magic. You will then receive a spreadsheet back with an accurate price for each record, allowing you to easily see the pricing differences, grand totals, and more.

Save Money

Stop absorbing costs incurred from surcharges that you didn't account for. The fuel surcharge and residential delivery surcharges for example could add up quickly if you don't factor them in correctly. Residential deliveries incur an extra surcharge of approximately $3.00 per parcel. All it would take is 200 incorrect designations throughout the year to create $600 in additional overhead. Courier Logic gives you the tools to avoid all kinds of surprise surcharges, so you can pass the savings back to your customer.

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Improve Customer Satisfaction

If you could increase customer satisfaction, would you? Courier Logic gives customers fast and accurate estimates. This translates into fewer price adjustments, and therefore, fewer upset customers. Courier Logic verifies deliverability and ensures everything works flawlessly with UPS Worldship and FedEx Ship Manager systems, saving you valuable time. And because you save time, you'll have more time to deal with any issues that do happen to arise.

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You can use it for:

Drop Shipping Estimates Generate a spreadsheet of both the list price and account price for each record including any surcharges. Compare as many different services as you want at the same time, in one step!

Accuracy Determine if each record is commercial or residential, Get address correction & validation for your entire list, directly from UPS® and FedEx® databases.

Saving Time No more manually tabulating estimates by hand, or running an entire job just to see what the price will be. Know up front whether each address can go via a particular service or not .

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