See how easy Courier Logic makes batch shipping for UPS® and FedEx®:

1. Suppose this is the list the customer sent for you to send via UPS®:
Customer Supplied List

2. Simply send this list to Courier Logic, and select as many services that you wish to compare pricing for.
Optionally, you could just select Commercial/Residential matching Only.
Courier Logic

3. Hit Render, and you will receive your spreadsheet back, with some added columns as shown.
Courier Logic

Easy as that! Now you can predict much more accurately what costs are associated with each batch shipment. Having the commercial/residential flag is useful for surcharge predictions, and the program can even tell you when a particular service is not available.
This surely makes drop shipments a breeze!

- UPS® and FedEx®
- Account price & List price
- Fuel and Other Surcharges
- Commercial/Residential Verification
- Address Correction & Validation
- Domestic & Worldwide Addresses
- Varying Weights Throughout the List
- and more.

UPS Ready® Certified