The Story Behind Intelliware USA -- The Makers of Courier Logic

Intelliware USA was born out of the fulfillment industry's need for something better. That's why we created the batch shipping program Courier Logic. We also custom build applications that help business run smoother. But there's so much more to us than just software.

Years Ago, in a Company Not Far Away...

After years in the printing industry, we knew batch shipping was a huge problem for businesses of any size. You see we discovered that, each time a company wanted to ship something, someone would have to calculate rough estimates and make assumptions about their lists. This cost companies hundreds and even thousands of hours in lost productivity each month. And as any smart business owner knows, fewer hours available in a day means there are fewer hours being spent on actually making money. Increased handling (and more people involved in the process) meant these same companies had to deal with more price adjustments, and therefore, more upset customers. This left businesses with skyrocketing costs that have to be recovered through price hikes. Of course, this made it easy to cover shipping costs, but unfortunately, it also made it difficult for them to remain competitive.

And That's How Intelliware USA Came to Be...

Tired of watching businesses struggle with something that should be easy, our talented team of engineers and programmers created a powerful, ready-to-use, batch shipping program called Courier Logic. This program uses a combination of automation, FedEx/UPS custom programming, and database integration techniques to speedup and streamline the shipping process for any organization. But, we didn't stop there. We know there are always exceptions to every rule, and one piece of software simply doesn't work for everyone. That's why our team frequently does custom work such as adding tweaks to Courier Logic or designing and building an entirely new piece of software to meet a customer's needs. When we're done, each customer has a program with all the perks, options, and features they've been searching for. So, whether you're looking for a basic, off-the-shelf system to automate mind-numbing fulfillment tasks. Or, you need something that fully integrates with your business and can do it all in one step, Intelliware USA can help.

To learn more about our company, email us at , visit our site, or experience our software for yourself.